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Alterzone ALZTVMET49-70 TV Floor Stand for 49"-70" TVs

Using only the highest-grade steel formed into slender elegant legs, the ALZTVMET49-70 TV stand is reminiscent of a more classical and romantic era. Blended with the simplicity of modern design, the black powder-coated finish offers a soft contrast to any lighter décor or in a dark interior becomes an unobtrusive delicate structure. The stand can firmly hold up to a 70” large screen TV. ALZTVMET49-70 TV stand offers the buyer a more sophisticated and personal statement to their living space. Non-slip rubber feet protect the floor from scuffs and scratches while the cable management system easily hides any cables that are attached to the display. Anti-tip TV safety strap prevents TV tip-over, ensuring the safety of children and animals. For 49"-70" TVs


Weight capacity: 40 kg

Material: Steel, Plastic

Color: Black

Alterzone ALZTVMET49-70 TV Floor Stand for 49"-70" TVs
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