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The idea of Alterzone came together during the global pandemic, when we were spending more time than ever at home. Sudden shift to everyone working from home made us realize the importance of calming, clutter free space and the need for new types of home digital equipment. Working from home phenomenon is here to stay and we wanted to find better alternatives to everyday home office and living room products, which led us to start Alterzone. Our vision was a simplistic and functional digital furniture collection that will easily blend into any space and decor style, while being modern and ergonomic. 


All Alterzone products have a sleek design and neutral color scheme. Extra attention was paid when choosing the materials, because we wanted our products to be as durable as possible, without compromising the modern look of the products. The design of Alterzone products is heavily influenced by Scandinavian design and their simplistic and minimal way of living. The mix of wooden elements, metallic framework and leather details are what make Alterzone products stand out as core pieces but also blend seamlessly into any living or office space. 


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we loved creating them and bringing our vision to life. We are certain that the Alterzone product collection offers something for everyone, and encourage you to browse through our collection and find your new favorite home piece. 


- Alterzone team

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